Look mummy, no eyes!

I went skiing (cross-country) for the first time in about twenty years the other day. Walking has been a challenge since, but overall I think it went quite well and I can’t wait to go again, as soon as this ha!-got-you-before-Christmas-is-over cold of mine clears up and it’s not too cold outside. Or warm, for that matter. For any other slightly inexperienced winter sports participants out there here are a couple of hints, though:

  • An unlit track is terribly dark in the dark, even with all the snow, and in an open field it’s really difficult to know which way the track is turning if you can’t see it.
  • The visibility suffers even more if there’s a mist (there was).
  • What with the cold and the mist, it would be good not to sweat and breath heavily if you happen to be wearing glasses. They get steamed up. And then freeze. And then you really can’t see where you’re going.
  • If, however, this has already happened, do not try to melt the frost by more breathing on the lenses. For reasons, see above.

It was really lovely all the same. Very beautiful, the little I could see, and it makes a nice change from running.


Howl at the moon

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