10 for ’10 (the late edition)

It’s a new year and people have been making resolutions and wish lists and whatnots, and one of the things around the internets is this 10 goals/wishes/promises for the new year (or decade?) list. And here’s little old me with a stupid cold, dreaming about skiing and getting rather bored of myself, and I thought: I’ll come up with ten things that would make life better this year. Goals if you will.

  1. Relax more. Learn to relax. I’ve always been too jumpy and impatient to meditate but maybe I should give it a go.
  2. Eat more raw vegetable foods. Go easy on the sugars and grains and nuts.
  3. Keep running. Running is good.
  4. More yoga. Yoga is good, too.
  5. That “less computer more life” thing was really good. More of that as well. (Life = sleep, mainly.)
  6. Have no fear. If an opportunity presents itself, accept it. If it doesn’t, go looking for it.
  7. Don’t worry. If you have to worry, only worry about each thing once.
  8. Change jobs. Embrace the unknown.
  9. Talk to people. Embarrassment never killed anyone. The older you get, the less you care (or remember).
  10. Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. When it matters.

A little…trite? Perhaps. But quite important.


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