These shoes were made for running


The orange is brighter than in the picture; I easily spotted a passing pair of the same shoes because of the glow.

I opened the box a week ago, eagerly modelled my new running shoes (see above), walked around in them all day and then left them waiting for their first run. They say time passes faster the older you get; no kidding. Today I finally ran a 5K or thereabouts and gave a sigh of relief: they’re okay. The size is right and importantly, they’re wide enough. Reasonably cushioned but still light. I should do a longer run, the true test of a running shoe, but I doubt that’ll happen because the shoes may be all right but my back and nerves still aren’t. Ouch.

I haven’t run for a few weeks, hoping the pinched nerves would find more room while I rest, but no such luck. Ah well. Running is nice, or rather it would be if I didn’t keep stopping and losing all my fitness, but I’m more likely to meet cats if I go for a walk. It’s nice to have someone to talk to. Highest cat count for a walk in my neighbourhood, from a week ago: 4, of which two were very talkative and interested, one was mildly curious and one couldn’t give a toss. (The same walk also taught me that bumble bees really lurve lavender. Never seen that many in one place, and they seemed quite delirious.)


Howl at the moon

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