My inner toddler is having a tantrum

So I have a deadline and Work To Do and Things To Sort Out and what do you know, I’m having the worst case of I-don’t-wanna I can remember in years. And it wouldn’t be so bad – I’ve always managed before, somehow, to pull myself together at the last minute – if it weren’t for the realisation that it’s a lot more difficult to fake your way through grown-up stuff than it is to survive, say, exams and such. That if this shit hits the fan, there’ll be Consequences.

Still. I don’t wanna. And the builders across the road making an awful racket aren’t exactly increasing my motivation.

I think I’m going to go for a run. And possibly pull an all-nighter in the quiet darkness, knowing full well that I’m too old to get away with it…


2 Responses to My inner toddler is having a tantrum

  1. Totally don’t wanna. Especially with the gorgeous weather we’re having. And also, summer. But not finishing things in time is the reason I’m where I’m at.

    • T says:

      Yeah. I’m now past “I don’t wanna” into “I cannae” because I’m running out of time. Badly. Byeeee…..


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