All roads…don’t lead where you think they do

I had decided to run this morning and I’m nothing if not stubborn so run I did. The case against was strong: I woke up too early. (Priority number one when I next move house: I refuse to sleep next to the kitchen. Or to live with other people. Either would do.) My throat was and is sore and red. I should be working. There are laundry issues (I’m kind of ready to move house, actually, except contractually and financially). The morning was cold… I promised myself half an hour. No more, no less.

Here’s what I discovered: if you run according to a programme that has you training shorter distances with breaks in between, even half an hour of uninterrupted* running can be hard. Unexpectedly hard. I didn’t expect to get all out of shape this quickly. Could it be this darned cold that I seem to be hosting? (And could I please, please, please not be ill again?) Should I go back to shorter spurts, or keep doing the same, or even increase my distances? Should I just accept that running is a problem with my current state of health and stick to other things?

Idk. I got a right to sing the blues. What’s more, I got a right to dance the blues, which is exactly what I’m going to do.

*I say uninterrupted; I was quite close to home when I was stopped by a man who wondered why I was running up and down the streets when there’s a park nearby. At that point I’d already been to the park and had simply taken a wrong turn on my way home, but it’s an otherwise good question, and the answer is simple: I’m easily bored, the park doesn’t have many options for suitably short runs, and it was full of parkrunners doing their 5K. I managed to run upstream twice.


2 Responses to All roads…don’t lead where you think they do

  1. Tuomas says:

    Well, ill health will make anything that much harder. I wouldn’t think much of it — there are always good and bad days when it comes to running. Other than that, I also wouldn’t worry much about what kind of running you do: if you’re just building back up to it, ‘time on feet’ is what counts. So, maybe just do as much as you feel comfortable, not worrying about the pace, and slowly increase the time/distance? Of course it also depends on targets; if you want to do well in the parkrun or something, then you’ll need to get speed, eventually.

    • T says:

      Yeah, thanks, I guess the question is why am I running. Today can mostly be put down to lack of sleep and some bug that has settled firmly in my throat (ouch), but other than that… While of course it would be nice to improve, I think running, for me, for now, is more about keeping moving when other movement (read: dancing) isn’t available. I just have to do enough of it not to have too many days like this. I’ve been dancing loads but it doesn’t translate into running.


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