More of the same

To continue on yesterday’s themes:

  1. If you want to mull over your internet habits and real life existence, you could do worse than read Oliver Burkeman’s Guardian article on conscious computing. I certainly recognise the pigeon behaviour in myself, even though I don’t have a smart phone or use Facebook or Twitter. It only takes a couple of email addresses, too many blogs to read and an online forum or two. Plus the whole of the internet.
  2. How to use stevia, part one: Take a bunch of rhubarb, peel and chop. Put in a pan with a little bit of water (very little will do) and a little bit of vanilla stevia liquid (very, very little will do). Bring to the boil, cook to mush. I knew stevia is sweet but I didn’t realise quite how far less than 1 tbsp will go, even with the tart rhubarb. So be careful. Other than that, I think we can call this a success.

Howl at the moon

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