Friday, Sweet Friday

Tonight’s offerings owe a huge debt to the lovely Katie. She makes things and bird-watches and is an all-round good egg and you should probably read her blog rather than mine (not that I’m assuming to have an audience but, you know, if I did).

First of all, she linked to this nice little article on life with(out) internet, which is well worth a read if you’ve ever pondered the intricacies of real and virtual life. (As it happens, I’ve been doing a lot of that recently. Work and leisure and friendships and culture and procrastination – they all come into it. Quite enlightening, really.)


The Big Box. Packaged much?

Also, Katie hosted a giveaway and, miracle of miracles, I became the lucky recipient of a Big Box all the way from America. It arrived yesterday and let me tell you, what with the week I’ve been having (and oh how I wish this was a real Friday rather than Get Ready to Work Your Arse Off for Two Days Until Next Week Hits You With More Work Day (snappy, eh?)), the joy of Christmas in May was much appreciated.


The Small Box

Inside the boxes? More sweetness than I know what to do with. Also a wad of paper suggesting what I might do with it; I haven’t looked at it yet because I’m man enough not to read the manual. (Not really. I’m a religious manual-reader. (Not manly, either.) I’ve just been preoccupied with Work, and Not Getting Enough Work Done, and celebrating my own personal OVERUSE OF CAPITAL LETTERS DAY.)

My First Chemistry Set?

My First Chemistry Set?

That’s NuNaturals stevia in all flavours and consistencies. I’ve never used it before but I’m keen to finally try some of the hundreds of recipes I’ve seen over the last few years that rely on stevia drops or powder for sweetening. Surely Katie the Cookie Master has something for me to try tomorrow in between working and working…

Nothing to do with cookies, have a song. Fits my Friday mood:


Howl at the moon

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