I’m still running after all this time

I’ve been Up & Running, which led me to revisit parkrunning, which in turn brings me here today to encourage, urge and beg you to clap or, if you’re brave, even give a little shout-out to strangers you might run into while hanging out near race finish lines, as I’m sure you do. It makes all the difference. Nothing dampens the mood quite like indifference. You don’t have to be genuinely enthusiastic. Lazy clapping will do.

In other news, I just took a look at this wee blog here, and boy, does it look outdated. So narrow! So…grim. At nearly five years old, it’s starting to look positively ancient. I’ll do something about that, eventually. Maybe just a facelift, perhaps move it elsewhere, possibly make a fresh start with a new blog. Recommendations gratefully received. WordPress has become a little clunky, Blogger offers very limited functionality. Where to go, what to do?


2 Responses to I’m still running after all this time

  1. Tuomas says:

    Glad to hear you’re at it again! I’d love to do a parkrun again one of these days. (Our cousins ran the Helsinki City Run yesterday, btw.)

    As to blogging, I think WordPress is still the best of the easy solutions, especially if you host it yourself. Not that I’ve looked into this, I just wouldn’t want to switch myself after learning the WP quirks.

    • T says:

      Parkrunning would be even nicer with friends. :) I realised that I’ve had most fun at events when you were there too. We’ll see whether I can keep running, it’s a bit problematic health-wise…

      I’ll have to talk to you about hosting sometime. I think I should get my online presence(s) sorted, and having more control would be great.


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