Dear Internet, please help

My trusty old mp3 player (Creative Zen Nano from the time before dinosaurs) still works okay except for one minor detail: the battery cover (it eats regular AAA batteries, can you believe it? meaning I can change the battery on the road, which is brilliant) is having trouble staying closed and, either as a consequence or as an unrelated inconvenience, the little bugger has begun to deliver electric shocks to my ears. They don’t happen often, the whole thing shuts down immediately, and there is usually a cause – earphone cord tangled up with something electricity-conducting – but it has made me consider that I might, just might, have to downgrade to something more complicated.

I was hoping that The Internet, in its infinite wisdom, might be able to help me out. I want to play mp3s. I want tactile controls, preferably separate ones for volume. I want a display but nothing fancy, just a navigation screen. Minimum of 1 GB. I’d love regular batteries but at least I want an adaptor, not USB charging. That’s all. Sure, I wouldn’t say no to a voice recorder or other extras, but really what I’m looking for is simplicity. Any ideas? Recs? Condolences?

The quest begins.



3 Responses to Dear Internet, please help

  1. Tuomas says:

    Can’t really help you there; I’ve been using my 60Gb iPod classic forever. I can recommend the version of iPod in that they seem durable and all, but if you don’t want to go Apple, then I don’t know (it’s the only Apple product that I own).

    • T says:

      Thanks, I suspect this will be the problem – most people use iPod (or iPhone). I’d really rather not go Apple. I don’t want to install iTunes (hateful memory-sucking control freak of a program), they’re pricey, I don’t like the navigation (based on having borrowed one ages ago). I like being able to adjust volume or move to the next track without even taking the player out of my pocket. Ah well. An AAA battery is unlikely to kill me.


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