Trust and how to betray it

I remember years(?) ago when Bloglines announced it would close down. Mournfully I packed up my feeds and moved to what I thought was the biggest and therefore hopefully the most stable of services – Google Reader. And then, today, this happened: an announcement saying that the Reader will be no more after 1 July 2013.

As someone who uses Google Reader every day, relies on it to tag and archive posts for reading or using later and cannot imagine managing their online existence without an RSS reader – and as someone who’s had to do this once before – I feel quite dejected. Where am I to go? What to do?

Of course, Bloglines didn’t die after all, but by that point I’d already lost my faith and made the move. Do I dare go back? What other options are there? Help?

And Google: grrrrrr. Are you going to just randomly shut down gmail next?


2 Responses to Trust and how to betray it

  1. Shannon R says:

    True story. I was a bloglines person who went to google reader too. I’m trying out feedly. I just don’t know how “stable” any of these are, and honestly I don’t like bouncing around!

    • T says:

      Well exactly, this is not something you’d want to spend time on every few months or even years. I’ll look into feedly, thanks for the tip!

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