Compulsion (definition):

While waiting for a reply to an email, checking not only the relevant inbox but also all your other inboxes at three-minute intervals, max.

That too. (Having said which, there are actually two possible approaches: 1) if you like everything, proceed as above or 2) if you like something more than something else, eat all of your least favourite thing first, followed by everything else in reversed order of preference, saving all your favourite stuff last.)

In other “news”, I’ve got a massive rant about Argos coming up but I’m too angry to put it into words. Meanwhile, just – don’t. Ever. Shop. At Argos.


2 Responses to Compulsion (definition):

  1. Bought a tent at Argos once. Got the wrong tent.

    • T says:

      I got an inferior product to the one in the picture, and totally false advertising: “Here’s a special offer, an extra pillow for the same price.” No extra pillow in the package. Customer service: “Sometimes we run out of things and replace them with similar or better products. You can take it all back if you like.” a) No you didn’t. b) No I can’t. c) Things missing from the package should not be my problem, it should be yours. I don’t have time for this shit…


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