I don’t wanna

  • go for a run (I first typed “fun”; hello, subconscious!) or do any exercise at all
  • cook dinner or lunch for the rest of the week
  • write down my getting-out-of-control “to do” list, currently occupying most of my head and dripping onto my right shoulder
  • do anything about catching up with said list
  • do the laundry (the easiest task on the previously mentioned, still unwritten list (except for that one item which I just wrote down, of course – does that count?))
  • stretch to make my achy back feel better
  • read
  • start a new craft project
  • watch a bit of Stephen Fry without a craft project to keep my hands occupied so that I don’t have to eat until I puke (restless hands & emotional eating tendencies don’t go well together, especially with a bad case of the I don’t wannas)
  • not watch something to take my mind off the time I’m wasting and the speed at which it hurtles past towards tomorrow morning and another day in the office
  • think how long it will take to get used to the darkness again.

It was dark and rainy when I woke up. The day had started as it meant to go on. Relentlessly it nagged me to give up. Congratulations, 3 Oct. You won.


2 Responses to I don’t wanna

  1. I don’t wanna leave a comment. So I shan’t!

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