Umpteenth past the post

What a lovely day we’ve had, warm and sunny and summery! And I’ve certainly made the most of it. What follows is a gratuitous Dear Diary post of here’s-what-I-did-today. If you hate that sort of thing, a) what are you still doing reading my blog? and b): Tough. Deal.

First things first, I ran my first ever race! Not what you’d call fast, but good enough. I started from the back with another woman of little racing experience and we chatted for the first kilometre (and overtook someone while still chatting, ha!), but then I got it into my stubborn head that I was going to run as fast as I could and not let the others completely disappear from sight, and that resulted in less chat, more  “oh my, I wonder what will happen if I don’t slow down soon; argh, I’m not in very good shape; it’s too hot and man do those cows smell”. But I made it, and felt good afterwards, and once I got home I signed up for my second ever race. Just a 1/4 marathon, but that’s over twice as long as today’s race. I know I can finish it but can I do it in an hour or less? Fingers crossed for nice weather.

There was also the 8,5 km bike ride to the race, and then back, which were both surprisingly nice – should get out on the bike more – and then cleaning the windows (which I don’t mind but could do without the fifteen-minute struggle every time I try to force them to open; still: well done, me), and biking to the shop for food, and buying a new swimsuit (oh yes, indeed, I have great plans to become quite the athlete, ahem (once I learn to put my head under water, that is)). I’ve revelled in the physicality of it all, stuck at the computer as I normally am day in, day out. Movement = happiness. Must have more.

Not to get too sporty on you, I played domestic goddess as well. Laundry happened, and finally, apple pie (should be called a tart, I guess, but to me ‘tart’ implies something fancier, and baking doesn’t get much more rustic than this). The first apple goodness of the autumn (to come; today it’s definitely still summer), made with local-ish sour apples to a tried and tested recipe but without the gluten & dairy. Haven’t tasted it yet but the smell…ahh.

My plan for rest of the evening: pie, tea, an episode of Poirot. Saturdays don’t get much better than this. I hope you had a nice one, too.


One Response to Umpteenth past the post

  1. Woah, what’s with the competitive streak? ;) Weirdly, my Saturday also involved running and Poirot. No race, though. (Or just the usual one against time – gotta get home before the iTunes U lecture ends..)

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