Problem solved?

If there’s anyone out there with any knowledge of things IT, could you please tell me if this has even just a hint of truth in it? Because if there is, that’s an awful lot of brain power that I would really need for other things besides coming up with and memorising difficult-to-type passwords. I am a rabbit of very little brain, you see. I guess I’d be able to tell fact from fiction myself if I were the IT goddess people at work think I am but unfortunately that epithet was earned with a few successful googling operations. Shocking, I know.


2 Responses to Problem solved?

  1. Tuomas says:

    Well, it’s certainly true that real words with common substitutions like zero for o are very easy to crack. Best passwords are simply random combinations of (upper and lower case) letters, numbers, and special characters rather than based on any real words at all.

    • moonwriting says:

      Ah but that’s the thing: what is the best password that is still relatively easy to remember? I do all sorts of combinations, but remembering them, and coming up with new ones and memorising those, is something of an effort. Not only a tiny brain but an old one as well :)

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