A rookie mistake? No cookies for me.

Katie made cookies. I wanted some. It was raining so perfect weather for baking. And then it all went wrong.

Katie used a flour mix I’d never heard of. Never mind, just use my regular gluten free mix (I mix my own) and add some flax seed for binding. Tahini? I’ve got tahini. Not nice tahini, but who cares? (Turns out I should have.) Cinnamon – great, I like cinnamon (but mine is a little pungent and doesn’t go well with the nasty tahini). Sugar…well, since I’m trying to manage without for a while, why not try my new expensive special ingredient: green stevia powder?

I’ll tell you why: a) difference to sugar in volume & texture and b) because it tastes really, really weird. Really. Weird. It’s all natural, I’m told, just dried leaves crushed to a powder, but at least in my sad little cookies it left an aftertaste that was like all the artificial sweeteners of the world united to coat my tongue with yuck that I can still taste after having brushed my teeth and tongue.

There were other issues with texture and density (I’m guessing too much starch in the flour mix) and after eating just one cookie I gave up. These poor things had so little to recommend them that I had to do what I can’t remember ever doing before to any baked goods I’ve made: bin them. I’ll eat just about any unfortunate gf vegan experiment I make but these just had to go.

Round one: Stevia 1 – Moonlit Kitchen 0.

I should add that the fault is mine and mine alone. I tend to do this – substitute haphazardly and measure inaccurately. Sometimes it works but only if I bother to think it through first. Did I? No. I just wanted cookies, quickly.

Do not try these at home. Stick to the original recipe & ingredients.

Now what am I supposed to do with the rest of my (very expensive) jar of stevia? Ideas? Anyone?


2 Responses to A rookie mistake? No cookies for me.

  1. Katie says:

    Oh no!! Bisquick mix isn’t just flour! Its got all kinds of other stuff in there – baking powder, sugar, salt, etc….not surprised at all that these didn’t turn out. I’m so sorry! I thought everyone knew what it was; maybe I should go add a caveat to that post.

    I think I may work on a new recipe for these cookies, using regular ingredients. Sorry again!

    And good to know about the green stevia. Weird. Have you had regular stevia? if you like that and not the green stuff….

    • moonwriting says:

      That explains a lot :) Not your fault at all – I could have googled Bisquick, or even just turned my brain on for a minute, and the disaster could have been avoided. I often run into strange ingredients while reading American blogs in particular (I’m in a northern corner of Europe myself) – the markets aren’t as global as one might think, which may be a good thing after all. This was my first ever stevia experiment and now I’m a bit wary of spending a lot (and we are talking of extortionate prices per kg) on any white powder or liquid stevia in case I’ll dislike those, too.

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