The Joy of Laundry

Home again. Laundry-mad (this is a good thing) and puzzled by how much stuff I own. And how little of it I missed while I was away (although in very comfortable lodgings, most needs provided for (such a lovely word, lodgings, and for once I get to use it)). Anyway, this just to remind you of the deep satisfaction provided by clean clothes. Now if someone would be so kind as to come and de-clutter this place..? While you’re at it, please add (eco-friendly, if there is such a thing) air-con. And give me the courage to get to work first thing tomorrow morning because oh yes, that’s what holidays are for, right? No? No, I didn’t think so either but what is is. Priorities, priorities.

Finally, a cautionary tale: a cheap flight is not cheap if it leaves so early and/or arrives so late (or delayed) that you need a taxi to/from the airport. Just saying. Not that a taxi straight home from the airport after a long, sweaty, wait-y day isn’t a wonderful thing. It is. Must be a sign of middle age that I barely considered other options when it became obvious that the arrival would be at very many o’clock.

And now I have washing to hang. Till next time.


Howl at the moon

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