Ein schönes Wochenende

Online weather forecasts for Berlin have very little to do with actual weather here. I should have got wet many times over if it had rained as much as it was supposed to. As it happens, I only caught a few drops today. It is very, very humid out there, though. Should rain before long.

I’m less than two hours away from leaving for the airport, all walked out, and behind with blogging, so here goes. This weekend may have included

  • a short morning run along a small stream, dodging dog poo (it’s not quite Budapest, but there’s enough of the stuff to warrant vigilance)
  • feeling quite ill, actually, and headache-y and feverish and sniffly and sneezy, but ah well, never mind, onwards and upwards (I have avoided sprouts of all kinds, no worries)
  • stracciatella and almond nougat soy ice cream at Eislabor; the almond nougat especially was perfect
  • UdK open day (Rundgang they call it, I figure it’s something like open days) stuff at Uferstudios: ARTEZ demos and SNDO graduate shows; these were…thought-provoking, and would deserve a post of their own, but it’s always awkward to try to discuss performances that other people haven’t seen
  • a pot of darjeeling at Hilde, which seemed like a really nice place – I’d go again if I could
  • walking through Volkspark Friedrichshain
  • a gorgeous brunch buffet (plenty to eat even though I was dodging gluten) at Viasko
  • walking through Tiergarten
  • wonderful sour grapefruit sorbet at Hokey Pokey
  • many, many minutes, adding up to hours probably, of staring at the public transport map figuring out how to get to the other side of town, then travelling on said transport, and walking, and walking, and walking.

Random observations:

  • Prenzlauer Berg is full of families with small children. And I do mean full. Jeez. There are three, four prams at the bottom of the stairs in this house at all times.
  • There’s ice cream in every corner, often organic and made on the premises, and it costs next to nothing. This is bad when you have no sense of moderation and live here, but wonderful for a short visit.
  • Berlin is a colourful city. Colourful houses. Graffiti everywhere. And people do make an effort to fill their balconies with flowers.
  • German, at least in Berlin, has tonal qualities in common with my dear mother tongue. At least I can’t think of another reason for frequently thinking that I should be able to understand vaguely overheard conversations when of course I don’t. I just get a word here, another one there. I did sort of manage to buy stamps in German but that’s about it.
  • I did hear my sweet native language daily. I kept track. Ah, the privileges of the lone traveller who can simply blend in – until she needs to ask something, of course.
  • A week has left me still completely puzzled by this city and country. I do like Berlin, I just probably need an entrance point.
  • Editing pictures (if you can call it that – I rename and resize and that’s it) and uploading them takes an awfully long time, meaning that you either get words or you get pictures. (Well, words this time, obv.) Feel free to state your preference and have it ignored.

Sweaty, tired, and hours of travel ahead of me, this is your faithful reporter signing off from Berlin. Tschüs!


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