I’ve arrived!

The song in the previous post was a clue: I’m in Berlin. Arrived this morning to drizzly greyness and people rushing to work. Turbulence pretty much for the duration of the flight, which, after a four-hour night, was rather nausea-inducing. Saw a fox at Tegel Airport, which was small and overcrowded and not very well sign-posted. Found my way to the flat I’m staying in, was interviewed in German by the cleaners in the staircase (they now know where I’m from; I have no idea what they said – although I think they first asked me if I’m from Canada…then again, maybe they didn’t), made myself a clingy cup of tea (if you know what I mean – hard water and all that…or is it soft? I can never remember). Spent two bloody hours trying to connect to the internet and almost gave up but finally managed it. Not sure what did it.

This post is simply in celebration of the interwebs connectedness. I was worried there for a minute, seeing as I’ve done next to no research for this trip.

More later. Now starving. Must find food.


2 Responses to I’ve arrived!

  1. klai says:

    Woo! Here, have a song: then we take Berlin

    • moonwriting says:

      Thanks – although interestingly that clip is blocked in Germany. I did prepare by listening to the song before I came. Now that I’m here…it’s kind of hard to get the hang of things when you don’t know anyone and you’re only somewhere for a short time. I spent today mainly just walking, and walking, and walking, and not really getting much anywhere. But a post to follow, maybe. Probably not tonight. Knackered from all the walking.

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