A year later

Exactly a year ago I was preparing for a picnic with friends, enjoying the first properly hot day of the summer and celebrating my new-found freedom from regular employment.

Today I’m trying to get some work done (and no, it’s not freelance stuff – an office worker again, me), enjoying the cloudy coolness of the weather compared to the way too hot weekend – hurrah! – and wondering (ok, also worrying, but mostly wondering) where I’ll be a year from now.

Yesterday was supposed to be a very productive day in terms of preparing for that future a year, or a little less, from now. Instead I was too hot so, obviously, I baked (for a seriously good gluten free brownie, look no further – although I have to admit that I unhealthified the recipe by substituting oil & oat milk for applesauce; also, I wonder if a flax egg would work) and knitted (I’m learning to make a toe-up sock, and really liking it, except for the cast-off which I can’t make stretchy enough). I took pictures but couldn’t be arsed to do anything about blogging them…

And that’s me on this day of freedom to some.


2 Responses to A year later

  1. Katie says:

    Glad you like the brownies! I gave up on vegan and gluten free baking a while ago. It is REALLY hard, because the flours are already dense and they really need that egg to fluffy them up (technical baking terms, obviously). But I was also living at 700 feet, so high elevation may have been part of the problem. I’m thinking about experiemnting now that I am close to sea level, so maybe I’ll try these next!

    • moonwriting says:

      Well, I think brownies are better when they are a bit dense so I could try with flax next time, too (and there will be a next time :). Most of my baking recently has been vegan and gf, so I think I’ve lost track of what’s “normal” in terms of denseness. That might explain why I’m perfectly happy with my breadlike muffins while other people try to think of a polite way of refusing to take one.

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