Busy procrastinating

Life happened, and suddenly blogging went down on my list of priorities… There’s been food. In pictures, no less. But – that’ll have to wait. Meanwhile here’s something I came across that might help me, and you, too, to feel a little less overworked and hence procrastinatory:

I choose to start one small imperfect step knowing I am human and I must take time to play.

I haven’t read the book (might do in the future; not high on my list of priorities right now, no matter how tempted I am – more procrastination, you see) but the link above, plus where I found it (cool mind map), plus another summary, were enough to convince me that this is something to think about. I do struggle with procrastination, especially now that I find myself with a full load of all manner of new and potentially complicated things to do, and the simplicity appeals to me. Just keep starting. Enjoy guilt-free play-time. Not bad. Not bad at all.


This is what runs through my veins at the moment. Bought it a week ago; I've since become addicted. So, so good. Mmm.


Howl at the moon

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