Red hat!

First there was some nice red merino wool yarn and a pattern in Stitch ‘n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. Oh, and one fairly novice crocheter. Things didn’t turn out terribly well:

Crochet hat

A crocheted hat, modelled by an Ikea lamp. Too big, not warm enough, looks weird on me. (Not as weird as on the lamp, though.)

I kept that hat for a couple of years but never really wore it. I had some yarn left as well, so finally a few weeks ago I ripped the hat. But what to do with all the nice yarn?

Red yarn

You don't get balls like this any more...

Another hat had to happen. I found a Sarah Hatton pattern that was simple, yet different (Cloche Hat, available here). I’ve always knitted my hats in the round; this one was knitted flat and sewn together. It had cable details – an excuse to test my new cable needles – and it seemed very warm. Plus it was a very quick knit. But. Butbutbut. The finished hat just didn’t suit my head at all. There was no way I was going to wear it any more than the crocheted one.

Cloche hat

As modelled by a 1 l metal jug. Suits you, sir.

I gave the hat away today and can only hope that its new owner finds it wearable. Still, another elevens project completed…



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