Thoughts for the day

If I don’t plan in advance, nothing gets done on a Sunday. (For Sunday, of course, insert any day. But today’s Sunday. And I had no definite plans. And nothing got done.)

A lesson from a few days ago: How To Feel Old. Find someone’s fancy mobile phone lying in the snow. Pick it up. Try to find out who it belongs to, or call someone who might help, and realise that the phone is too smart for you. Too many buttons. Wait, that’s email. How does one make a call on this thing? Or end one? How can I relock the keys? Now it’s buzzing. Is it ringing? Why doesn’t that button answer it? Argh. (I did manage to return the thing to its rightful owner though, which was nice. Very young he was, and suitably grateful.)

I want to be Ruth Goodman when I grow up. (Not that I expect to do more growing, vertically, but I’ve got potential in other directions.) I may have been watching too much Edwardian Farm. I may be planning a mighty shopping spree as soon as I win the lottery…

And since we’re talking about farming, how about some musical entertainment of a partly agricultural nature:


Howl at the moon

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