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That’s quite enough of January, thank you very much. And enough of today. I had the best of intentions – work, cook, exercise, read, knit – but it seems I only managed the work bit, and then only the stuff that simply couldn’t wait. Otherwise? I’ve failed to eat proper food, indulged in futile cursing at the upstairs stompers (recently returned from a long holiday, meaning I’ve had it too good for too long), resigned to spending the day in my pyjamas and let a faint whiff of dread wash over me. How much more of this month do we have left? Oh, just loads and loads. That’s all right, then. Not.

So I made mint chocolate biscuits. I mean, at least it’s doing something. And I’ve been wanting to try my hand at vegan, gluten free chocolate biscuits for a while now. And there was no chocolate in the house besides cocoa powder, and obviously a day like this calls for choco-overindulgence. Obviously.

Mint chocolate biscuits

Beauty is on the tongue of the beholder.

(I’m still having sharpness issues with my uploads, but then again, this picture was so ugly to begin with that it hardly matters.)

I found an interesting recipe here and then, as you can see, promptly failed to follow it – I was never going to try the whole eight-legged look but a tiny bit of lift would have been nice. Replacing the vanilla & almond extracts with mint extract worked brilliantly; the rest of my substitutions and lazy short cuts not so much. (When the recipe tells you to check the consistency of your batter, check the consistency of your batter. Consider yourselves warned.) Still, the flavour is good, if a little sweet for me.


One more thing before I go: since today’s 11/1/11 I thought I’d try something that’s not quite a resolution but I don’t know what else to call it – collecting or creating various elevens. I got the idea from people who made ten shawls in 2010. Why not make 11 of something in 2011? Eleven is one per month with one month off so should be possible, even if I accomplish nothing in January as seems likely… I couldn’t decide on just one category so we’ll see what happens. I’m hoping for 11 novels read (doesn’t sound like much but I’m such a bad reader these days that I can hardly hope for more), 11 crafts projects completed and who knows what else. Eleven museums visited? I mean to compile a list somewhere on this blog (and now you can hold me accountable).

Some advice that might help me, and perhaps you as well, to get through this month, and year, and project.

Some excellent TV for the same purpose (the post heading? watch until 2:30):

How’s January treating you?


3 Responses to Skip to the end

  1. sam says:

    We could meet up for elevenses?

    • moonwriting says:

      Well, we could certainly meet up (provided I one day choose to change out of my pyjamas). In the morning, though?

      • sam says:

        We could have elevenses at sixes and sevens.. (sorry)

        Don’t need to go for all-day breakfast, could just have tea and cakes and ices as usual. (Or beer for some of us.)

        But breakfast some day doesn’t sound impossible, although it’d have to be breakfast proper rather than elevenses.

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