I’m still eating (better than I ever did?)

What is it with holidays and excessive eating? Why do I (we? surely I’m not all alone in this? please?) suddenly decide to buy enough food for ten, and proceed to eat for ten? And then find it hard to stop? Wish I knew. No turning back now, though. There’s food, and food must be eaten, sometimes in strange combinations.

New Year’s Day discovery: papadums with guacamole. Try it. Then thank me. (I may have overindulged.)


Xmas lunch was a long time ago, but here’s a picture anyway:

Xmas lunch

The tofu was a bit bland. My attempt at a gravy was half-hearted. The swede casserole was v. good and salad was salad. I also ate brussels sprouts, but they mostly didn’t make it as far as the plate – I like them too much and kept snacking on them until they were no more. And here’s another winner:

Beetroot salad

Beetroot Horseradish Salad

Roast your beets, let them cool, peel them and chop or grate. Grate a small bit of horseradish, mix with oat cream (I used 1 dl for 3 beets but I think 0.5 dl would have been enough) and season with sugar, cider vinegar and salt. Mix cream with beets. Tastes better if you leave it for a few hours or until the next day; keeps for days in the fridge.


Howl at the moon

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