A year in food

#reverb10 prompt: Soul food. What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

My soul has so far remained relatively untouched by my digestive system, but that’s not to say that this hasn’t been an interesting year food-wise. To continue with my very liberal approach to the reverb10 prompts, here’s a recap of some of the more memorable results of my labours in the kitchen this year:

  • I learnt to eat both celery and kale. I’m actually sad that kale seems to have disappeared from the shops for now, would you believe it? Almond butter & lime juice make it so much more than just palatable, as I discovered thanks to my foodie heroine and go-to recipe source Ricki.
  • I made my own almond butter. Love my Bamix. It can only handle small quantities but that’s a good thing, surely, in a single household of one very greedy eater…
  • I made gluten-free vegan muffins/cupcakes of several kinds (and adapted the recipes quite liberally to suit my needs & ingredients), most of which were good or, even after all my substitutions, at least perfectly edible.
  • There were gluten-free bread experiments. Again, substitutions happened as needed. I’m learning.
  • Chickpea flour became an approximation of farinata on several occasions (and contrary to what I may have said earlier, do let the batter rest before you fry/bake it, it tastes much nicer that way).
  • I tried making oatcakes – but how do I make them crispy rather than leathery?! More experiments are needed.
  • Buckwheat found a great companion in cabbage and walnuts.
  • My first ever peanut butter cookies happened, and quickly disappeared. I was told that these resemble the real thing.

Looking forward to another year in the kitchen, then. And I do still have some dishes to share from this year. It’s just that all this reverberating keeps getting in the way…excuses, excuses :).

Oat cakes

Oat cakes: I even made little rabbit ones, see? Unfortunately they were the only ones on that rack that were at all crispy.


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