Action Cookies

#reverb10 prompt: Action. When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

Oh. Dear. We could be here all day. Or rather, I could be here all day thinking about what my aspirations are, exactly. You might enjoy these more:

Peanut butter cranberry cookies

Peanut butter cranberry cookies

Original recipe here. I halved the recipe as well as the cookie size (could have happily made them even smaller; I now got 17 sizeable cookies) and substituted as follows:

  • no-stir peanut butter > any old peanut butter
  • coconut flour > quinoa flour
  • chocolate chips > dried cranberries
  • oh, and for milk I used (gluten free friendly) oat milk, as I always do.

Vegan, gluten-free and omnivore-approved. Thumbs up. :)


Back to action. Next step. Right.

It’s easier to define what the next step should be if you know which way you’re going. I’ve been doing exercises on life goals and stuff and what comes out is a tangle of a million different strands, some of which might be mutually compatible but, in the real world, I would never have time for all of them. It’s a cheerful mix of competitiveness, fantasy and realism (“I bet I could do that; I should do it just to prove that I can” – “ooh, look at that, that would be bloody brilliant (if only I had the skills / the stamina to develop the skills needed)” – “having to do this wouldn’t make me chew off bits of my leg on a daily basis, plus I need to pay the rent, don’t I”).

Also, it’s easier to stay on the path if you know where it is and where it’s taking you. I’ve done my share of stabbing my toes on sharp rocks and twisting my ankle when the path suddenly disappears into a muddy hole.

I warned you there was going to be earnestness aplenty when I started this reverberations business, didn’t I? I think that’s enough of the dangerous seas of introspection for one day, though. How about some crowd sourcing? (Works better if you have a crowd to source from, I know, but humour me.) What should I do next? Actual ideas are of course welcome, but if you can take my mind off the serious business of tha futcha for a minute, so much the better. :)


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