Eleven, part the first

#reverb10 prompt: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

I’m going to be dreadfully earnest about this. Although eleven things might be more earnestness than even I can manage… :) I’ll interpret “things” very loosely, and I’ll do this in parts because otherwise I’ll never finish. In no particular order, then, here’s part I (1-5): the S’s.

Sugar. My life doesn’t need it. But I’m an addict, and even thinking about getting rid of sugar in my life makes me panic. No baking? No licorice? No chocolate? Surely I would become even more of an insufferable bore than I already am, and life wouldn’t be fun at all, ever again. No! [insert kicking & screaming here]

And yet – I know from experience that the initial withdrawal symptoms wane. Moods become more stable and predictable, appetite more natural; food tastes better. It’s worth it. The tricky bit is moderation – total abstinence seems overly harsh and impractical but, for an addict, it’s the only workable solution.

So what to do? Try not to keep sweet things in the house. Try to have other nice things available. Start off with days, rather than weeks or months, of no sugar. Keep learning about cooking and baking that doesn’t involve sugar. Resort to bananas with unsweetened cocoa powder if need be. (Need will be. Oh yes.) And then just enjoy the lack of sugar hangovers. (Or not. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Here, have some apple tart:)

Apple tart

Stashes. I’m a hoarder. I hide stuff away for later disuse. And I say this every year, but it’s time to let go of some of that stuff. I’m not suggesting a big clearance. That would never work – it would take forever and I’d end up storing all the things to throw away somewhere to make absolutely sure that I’m ready to throw them out, i.e. moving things from stash to cache and back again and not getting rid of anything. But I do promise to do something about this, one drawer/shelf at a time, and then donate/throw it away, as much as is practicable. I’m never going to get to grips with selling stuff online and it’s time I accepted that. End result: more room. Less hassle the next time I move house.

Soap. No, I’m not giving up all soap. But either I’m dirtier than I can see myself (?) or I use a lot less soap than other people because I keep getting bars of soap as presents and I’ve still got plenty left of the bar I bought myself a couple of years ago. Now, I do store things away for later (see above), and I have enough soap to last me ten years which must be  a good thing (?), but just maybe I could find someone who wouldn’t mind taking a bar off my hands… If nothing else, I’ll say this here, now: please don’t buy me more soap. I need my bathroom cupboard for other things.

Songlessness. (A bit contrived, that; sorry.) The thing: not singing, even though singing makes me happy. Solution: song of the week. I can learn one song per week if I decide to do it. (Sounds quite ambitious now that I’ve written it down…) Result: singing. Hopefully. Maybe. :)

Sorry. I’ve been told to stop apologising, so I’m throwing this in without much conviction in my ability to come through with it. I guess I do hedge a lot. And maybe it gets a bit irritating after a while. So if I manage to say sorry less often, perhaps I won’t be reprimanded for saying it quite so often, and consequently won’t have to apologise for apologising all the time. (What?)


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