Made in my living room

[I could have said bedroom – it’s just the one room – but that would probably have attracted a readership that would be sorely disappointed by what I have to offer here…]

#reverb 10 prompt: Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

Crocheted bookmark witch

Is it a witch? Is it a snow woman? An elf? It tries to be a bookmark (for a very big book) and it was included in a parcel sent to Earthenwitch not too long ago. Modified from this pattern.

I think I already showed you the last thing I made. The felted tablecloth? That’s the last one I finished. Made out of woollen yarn specifically meant for felting (Novita Huopanen).

I’ve been making things out of yarn all autumn, knitting and crocheting. Small things. Some/most of them present-y things so I’m not showing them, not yet anyway. And I’ve already included pictures of some projects I finished earlier this year. They’re in the archives. Somewhere. Lots of food stuff as well during the past month, as regular readers will know.

I’d like to make all sorts of things – for one, I definitely need another hat and will get to it as soon as my seasonal present production line closes. (That makes it sound like I’m making much more than I am…but then again, I’m slow, and I’m certainly putting in the hours while not producing an awful lot of stuff.) I’m thinking of this one, as recommended by Karie.

As with food before, I’ve been getting into crafts through blogs lately. I’ve always wanted to be a maker of things and I’ve dabbled in knitting etc. in the past but somehow other things keep getting in the way.With the internet, however, inspiration – and instruction – is only a click away, and I’m becoming less of a perfectionist but also more experienced (i.e. less likely to make a complete mess of things – fingers crossed), all of which hopefully will result in a craftier future for yours truly.

It would actually be lovely to be able to immerse myself in crafts projects completely without guilt. I’d make myself a Regency dress (no, I have nowhere to wear it, but I spent many of my teenage years ensconced in a fluffy pillow of Jane Austen, plus an Empire silhouette is the most flattering shape for my oddly-proportioned body). I’d love to learn about traditional techniques, I’d like to learn how to weave, to knit colourwork, I need to know more about sewing and patterns and…

You get the point. I want it all. But I don’t have endless funds for materials for trial projects, I don’t have infinite time, and I certainly don’t have the patience to, for example, crochet an entire bed cover, no matter how much I’d like one. So I’ll keep it simple. There’s still time for a few quick Christmas items, then the hat, perhaps another pair of mittens for myself, then either trying to use up leftover materials, or creating something big for a change. We’ll see. Anyway, my problem isn’t so much clearing time for crafting as it is crafting taking up all my reading time. Why, oh why can’t I read and knit at the same time?


A final note from the Moonlit Kitchen: I think I need a follow-up project after Vegan MoFo. To counter the effects of all the Christmas treats I have planned (whether I’ll actually make them in the middle of all this crafting is another thing) I want to venture outside my comfort zone of baking and maybe adopt strange vegetables (or unloved ones, re celery – again, somewhere in the archives), or try to come up with green things to eat in winter (my body is really crying out for those, what with all the cold weather comfort food I’ve been shoving in lately), or figure out how to balance my diet with a little more protein without turning into a bubble woman (those beans…). And some effort into meal planning would be good – my earlier experiment proved that it makes shopping easier and real food for supper more likely.

Time management skills, anyone? I can’t afford to pay for them but I’ll bake you a cake if you could just lend me some… Also, if anyone bothered to read this far, please leave a comment to receive a pat on the back for time well procrastinated. :)


4 Responses to Made in my living room

  1. Tuomas says:

    Does it count if I skipped a bit? ;)

  2. sam says:


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