No More Mo Fo

Lingonberries in a cake

It's over - have some cake!

It’s the final day of the Vegan Month of Food. I managed a post every weekday *pats own back* and actually cooked for them as well. Time for a little recap:

What I learnt this MoFo

  • Making nut cheese is not beyond my abilities but the results aren’t life-changing.
  • Papadams are naturally gluten free! Thanks, Kittee!
  • Frozen tofu is fantastic – in a chili but probably in other things as well.
  • Taking pictures of food (and pretty much all my food this month, although I haven’t posted all the evidence, obviously) has got me more interested in photography: composition, lighting – who knew that practice helps? :)
  • Increased traffic prompted me to update my about page – after which no one was that interested any more. ;) Ah well.
  • Lots of lovely people out there – thanks for your inspirational posts and encouraging comments!

And what now? Well, Moonwriting may choose to stay in the kitchen where it’s (occasionally) warm. It may embrace randomness once more. It may crawl under a rock to recover from this month. Perhaps all three. Only one way to find out…

VeganMoFo 2010 logo


One Response to No More Mo Fo

  1. Well done o your MoFo’ing – it sure has been fun.

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