Potato salad

Potato salad

I don’t normally go for many processed vegan foods, and smoked tofu is the closest to a faux meat I might actually buy, but sometimes I crave comfort in the shape of the familiar. Things I used to eat as a child. And so I’ve been grateful for oat milk, oat yoghurt, vegan mayo and even, for baking purposes, vegan margarine.

But let’s go back to vegan mayonnaise for a moment. Mayonnaise isn’t actually something I used to eat much, ever, and I only bought a jar of the vegan version because it was relatively affordable and soy-free and I was curious. It is a bit…weird. Slightly scary. However, on a winter’s day, on a nice cucumber and dill sandwich, it really holds its own to other spreads, and in a potato salad – well, this is much better than any potato salad I ever had as a child:

Potatoes (3) boiled, peeled & cubed, courgette (1/2 a medium one) cubed, broccoli (a few florets) lightly boiled, peas (a handful) defrosted and lots of dill, chopped. Maybe 2 tbsp of vegan mayo mixed with a little olive oil and apple cider vinegar and mixed with the salad. Ground black pepper and pumpkin seeds to top. ‘Tis good. Mm.

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