It’s winter. Eat soup.

Lentil soup

What with the temperature at -10 C and the winter wonderland of snow sparkling out there as I’m writing this, soup seemed like the right thing to make. I’ve never been too keen on red lentils – I like them fine when prepared by others but my own concoctions are far from award-winning – and yet this recipe (the one further down on the page) for an easy red lentil soup intrigued me.

– What do you mean with all your red-lentils-but-no-tomatoes novelty? I wondered out loud, and dug up a dusty, unopened bag of red lentils. I let the pot boil over once, as is traditional when cooking lentils. (I say ‘let’…will I never, ever learn?) I should have sauteed the onion and garlic a little longer but impatience won over. (It’s a little…pungent. I like garlic, though, and thought this was good. Just not right before meeting other people, perhaps.) Otherwise it’s just about having the spices you need and a bit of stirring. For once an easy recipe that lives up to its name, huzzah!

Notes: I only added half a cup of water to the already cooked lentils instead of the 2 cups suggested – I prefer thicker soups and thought more would have made this much too watery. And I used oat milk instead of soy. My ginger was of the powdered variety, and I forgot the black pepper and caraway but didn’t miss them. I didn’t have any orange peel but I think it’s definitely worth trying if you do. The recipe makes a lot – more lentil soup than one little me wants to eat in a week, frankly – but I’m hoping it freezes well.

All this MoFoing has filled my freezer up nicely, which means I can probably not cook until Christmas unless I want to. Good news, that – I’m behind with presents, there’s work to be done and, believe it or not, people to see. At least the cards are nearly done. :)

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One Response to It’s winter. Eat soup.

  1. Mo says:

    That looks great!

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