A Tale of Three Meals

Once upon a time there was some leftover chili. It found a bit of bread and asked some friends (kale salad and an avocado) along to make a sandwich.

Chili in a sandwich

The avocado, who thought lime juice, salt and pepper were all the friends it really needed, felt that the chili was too bossy and decided it would be better off on its own. But then it met some sad little corn pancakes – tortillas gone wrong, really, but it didn’t have the heart to tell them so – and, out of pity more than anything else, agreed to hang out with them. And they had a surprisingly good time together.

Corn cakes

Others, too, thought that the chili had been telling them what to do for long enough. The rest of the tin of corn used for the chili liked chickpeas and invited a cup of gram flour on an oven pancake adventure, complete with garam masala, paprika powder and some yellow peppers for roasting. The kale salad asked if it could join them later. A nice lunch was had by all.

Chickpea pancake

The end.

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