Up the spices

Thanks for wishing me well in the comments! The good news? I got my voice back. On the downside, I’m still coughing my innards out and blowing my nose every five seconds and can’t enjoy the taste of food. Well, I say enjoy – I think I might if only I could taste it. Solution: make everything stronger. I brew my tea longer. I add liquid smoke to foods (such as the chili from last week; it works, as I thought it would). I keep going back to the crystallised ginger jar more often than is strictly speaking good for me.

And yesterday, I made glögi.


Apple juice with cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks etc., and an hour on the stove.

Recipe here (in Finnish); I didn’t follow it exactly but close enough not to bother with writing down my version. If you drink yours without alcohol, as I do, you might want to up the spices. Or maybe that’s just me and my cold… Drink with gingerbread biscuits; mine were shop-bought (gluten-free, quite good, and hopefully vegan although I’m no expert on E numbers – and yes, shame on me, there are a few of those in these) although I am planning a gluten-free vegan gingerbread experiment sometime soonish.


3 Responses to Up the spices

  1. dN says:

    sounds wonderful!

  2. Mo says:

    That sounds really good!

  3. moonwriting says:

    It is good, you should try it. :) Apple is nice; something like blackcurrant would be more traditional.

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