Chili against the chill


Ricki's chili before I remembered to add the corn...

Still no voice, I can’t smell much and haven’t got much of an appetite, but I thought a protein kick might help me recuperate and decided to make a pot of this wonderful chili to keep me warm in the snow. (There isn’t much snow yet, just enough to make winter seem imminent.)

I didn’t have all the ingredients to hand and can only blame myself for any flavours missed (I’d like to try adding coffee next time even though I don’t drink the stuff) but this was good despite my apparent inability to follow recipes. I was particularly impressed by the tofu, first frozen and then thawed in boiling water. I really liked the texture. This could be wonderful with smoked tofu, too, but then I like a smoky flavour in just about anything.

Here’s hoping that I’ll be able to speak again next week…have a good weekend!

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3 Responses to Chili against the chill

  1. Ricki says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! And I agree, smoked tofu would be great in this. . . I think I hadn’t even heard of smoked tofu when I first made that dish! Now you’ve got me craving a big bowl of chili–just great cold-weather fare! Glad you liked the recipe. :)

  2. Tuomas says:

    Chili would be nice, I might cook some soon too.

    As to snow, it’s already a bit much for me. Ran to Seurasaari this morning, among other places, but Seurasaari at least was not in any condition for running.

    Hopefully you’ll get your voice back soon. Was thinking of calling you, but text-based communication will have to suffice it seems!

  3. shellyfish says:

    Chili! I hope you’re feeling better – hopefully the chili will help ;)

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