Meal planning


I’ve never been much of a meal planner – might have something to do with not being much of a cook – but so many people have recommended some level of planning that I thought I ought to give it a go. I’m not saying this is what I’ll do, or that I’ll do all of it, or that I’ll do it in this order, but I need to start somewhere so I decided to list a few possibilities that don’t require an excessive amount of shopping (I already have, for example, beets and peppers, chickpea flour, beans in the freezer, etc.), that sound like they’d make satisfying November meals and that can make enough for plenty of leftovers. The coming week might, then, feature

  • borscht,
  • chili,
  • farinata and, if I can be bothered,
  • rhubarb chutney (recipe to be decided), to go with the farinata (beans + chutney = always a winner).

Add salad days, freezer raids and leftovers, and that should certainly cover a week’s worth of meals. Wish me luck.

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