You can make it on your own my darling

My only objection to Ed Harcourt‘s brilliant “Heart of a Wolf” (which you can listen to on his site) is that wolves are supposed to be social animals (hence: a pack of wolves). Then again, maybe the contradiction is intentional. Anyway, went to see him last night and life’s a bit better now. I sort of preferred him with a band (last summer in London; I was hoping to see the bass player again :) but he did manage to produce impressive layers of sound all on his own. Maybe that’s the thing, though: solo versions of songs needn’t be so similar to band ones. Although if you’re selling a new album I guess it makes sense that you might want to try to sound like the album you’re selling… I don’t know. I did really enjoy it, band or no band. And now I have an Ed jukebox in my head, breakfast in my stomach (oats, with cocoa powder added for Friday luxury, and jasmine tea to keep me going) and, um, hope. Just a general feeling of hopefulness.

But on to food, what with it being the Vegan Month of Food and all. I’ve realised that I eat a lot of leftovers, which do not an interesting MoFo  post make. I also eat a lot of this – nice but not very interesting:

Just salad

A salad of whatever happens to be in the fridge.

(Sorry about the bad picture. There’s hardly any light in my flat, I hate the flash, and most of all, I have no idea what I’m doing with a camera. I’m getting more interested in photography, though, now that I’m taking food pics almost every day.)

And I probably bake more than I should. Yesterday, the rest of the dough for the cabbage pie became the shells of very cute (even though I say so myself) prune pies/pasties:

Prune pies

Not very sweet at all - which is how I like my pies.

I’m ashamed to admit that there are no pies left. Not that there were that many to begin with, but still.

I need to dig out some new recipes to try if I am to have any food to post about next week. If all else fails, except some old baking favourites… Have a good weekend, everyone! More food etc. anon.


One Response to You can make it on your own my darling

  1. Are they pies or cosmic time machines from outta space? Either way I want ’em!

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