If Wallace went vegan…

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One of the main reasons why it took so long for me to start moving from vegetarianism towards veganism (11-12 years) was my love of cheese. And one of the biggest surprises of my short wannabe-vegan history has been how little I actually miss cheese. I have had the odd bite now and then but only when eating out. I’ve tried one processed vegan cheese substitute (I was visiting my godmother who had wanted to get me something nice to eat) but I really didn’t think much of it and would rather go without than pay extortionate sums for saw-dusty fat with orange food colouring.

Yet I’ve been intrigued by the idea of vegan “cheese”, and I always read about people’s raw nut cheeses with great curiosity. And what with finding a cheapish batch of cashews and needing blog fodder, I decided to try making my very first raw vegan cashew spread. I followed Clotilde’s recipe and hoped for the best – not cheese but something that might occasionally take the place of cheese on Wallace’s crackers (or the place of tahini/almond butter on mine).

Wallace eating cheese

Maybe the moon is made out of nut cheese.

I left out the garlic – I got squeemish – and maybe that was a mistake… The result is really mild. Not unpleasant, but next time I’d go with something a bit stronger either in the spice or nut department (and fresher nuts might help, too – mine were past their prime). A perfectly acceptable nut spread. Doesn’t remind me of cheese in any way, really, but I’m sure I’ll find uses for it nevertheless.


Howl at the moon

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