The Bundle Monster

I was supposed to stay away from Vegan MoFo today (that’s one of the many nice things about this event: you blog as much as you can, not as much as someone else tells you to) but I can’t help but comment on the monster that I only yesterday innocently invited to live in my Google Reader: the Vegan MoFo bundle of RSS feeds.

It’s insane. I opened my feed reader not too long ago with something like 20 unread MoFo posts; now the count is at 33. And it really didn’t take long. It’s all rather wonderful and heart-warming but also seriously overwhelming. Last year (when I didn’t participate myself) I just went with what the headquarters recommended plus random clicking at the blog roll and I’m beginning to think that it might be the only way to go unless I want to keep choosing “mark all as read” all the time. The good news is, of course, that now that I’m aware of all these vegan bloggers old and new, I can come back to them later (like, for example, in December) rather than try to take it all in at once as my perfectionist self is insisting I do… (It’s 34 now.)

Anyway, wow. That’s a lot of vegan blogging.


One Response to The Bundle Monster

  1. Shannon says:

    I know. It is crazy. I’m going out of town next wed-monday and I fear that bundle. I’ll have my laptop and phone, but just being on the plane for 5 hours there will be about 1000 posts.

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