Not quite a daily grind: home-made almond butter

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As I’m supposed to be  polishing up my CV and writing job applications in order to have something I could actually call my daily grind (and to be able to afford more almonds) I’ll present you with another one-ingredient wonder from recent weeks: home-made roasted almond butter. A good thing, too, that I haven’t bought almonds recently – I could eat this stuff with a spoon straight from the jar. And have done.

Almond butter

A jar of delight

You may remember that I complained a while back about how expensive almond butter is and Ricki recommended making my own. I couldn’t, then, because I don’t have a food processor, but I’ve finally acquired a tool that can: a Bamix blender, or to be more accurate, the dry grinder that came with it. It’s tiny but perfectly capable of turning my test batch of a 100 g of almonds, roasted, into perfect, smooth butter. (It’s a good hand-held blender all in all.) It reminds me of chocolate, and I have been known to eat it mixed with only a little cocoa powder and perhaps some sweetening. I’m thinking of adding just a hint of salt next time to see if it can compete with my favourite Urtekram tahini as my new go-to butter…


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