VeganMoFo Comes to the Moon!

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In a moment of insanity I signed up (there’s still a bit of time if you want to be included in the blog roll, too) and here I am, on the first day of November, pretending to be a food blogger for a month. What’s more, a vegan food blogger. No, this is not nor will it become a food blog as such. No, I’m not a card-carrying or flag-waving member of the vegan community – vegetarian, yes, c. 13 years and counting, but veganism is something I’ve only been approaching, with caution, for about a year now. Transitioning, you might say. I find purism for the sake of purism rather unattractive so don’t bother sending the vegan police. :) Having said that, I do find myself eating mostly vegan food at home and thought that a nice little blog challenge could be just the thing to keep me in the kitchen (as opposed to under a blanket, with a biscuit tin, my hand engaged in a steady repetition of bicep curls from the tin towards my face) this month.

I’m not promising original creations but will link to any recipes I try, and I hope to have something more inspired to offer than just pictures of the same leftovers for days on end (a common occurrence in all single households, I believe).

Today on the stove top: 500g of butter beans that I soaked overnight and hoped to cook while I did the laundry – a two-hour cycle. I’ve hung the laundry, ages ago. The beans? Well, they’re not exactly crunchy, but not what I’d call cooked, either. Why is it that sometimes they turn into mush in no time while at other times no amount of cooking seems to be enough? Share your beans of wisdom (Ouch. Sorry.) in the comments, please!


4 Responses to VeganMoFo Comes to the Moon!

  1. Tuomas says:

    I’ll be checking out what you get up to…

    As to beans, I prefer to get mine in tins — no need to soak.

    • moonwriting says:

      Yeah, tins are easy, but cooking your own is so much cheaper and there’s no metal waste and you didn’t used to be able to get butter beans in tins in Finland. (Luckily, now you can.) Butter beans are soooo good….

  2. sam says:

    Awesome: good luck with it!

    Beans, yeah, i dunno why they do that. Occasionally tinned ones are also crunchy, which is always annoying. Maybe you can find out and let us know..? :D

    • moonwriting says:


      I’m absolutely certain that a Guardian/Observer food blogger tested various methods for cooking beans not too long ago but after twenty minutes of bookmark, clippings, site and google searching I still haven’t found it. I can’t start experimenting myself – I don’t eat _that_ many beans and my freezer’s kind of full…

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