Giving thanks

I hear Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving recently. I never have but I’d quite like to. All this darkness and the holidays so far away – a break, a little happiness, some life-affirming rituals are needed. Thus, a self-help-y gratitude journal kind of post listing some things that are nice and good and right with the world just now:

1 – Having an aged relative (80 today) who, despite various physical ailments, doesn’t seem to have changed at all in the past, say, twenty years. No bitterness, no resentment, no complaining; always active, always interested, always ready with a smile. She knows pretty much everyone in the village and everyone knows her, at least the older generation. There were over a hundred people at the birthday party. Nice.

2 – New reading material. I read a lot of blogs. Some I’ve followed for a long time, some come and quickly go again. Many food & craft blogs for inspiration, some health & fitness types, friends from the real world, funny writers, and so on. Lately, though I’ve been finding some of the things I read sort of depressing – reflecting values that I find alien or simply written in a style I don’t enjoy. So off I’ve gone on a search for people who might better suit my current interests and I’ve found some interesting new stuff, which is very nice (not to mention time-consuming – PROcrastinating, I’ve been). There’s a multitude of genres out there. As I change, my reading preferences change as well. I’m learning to go with the flow rather than forcing myself to trudge through stuff that no longer resonates with me. (Next step: dramatic reduction of feeds in my reader if I’m ever going to get anything done again…)

3 – I’ve been slowly, slowly reading a book that should be professionally interesting but that I’ve found hard to digest. Today, though, having a quiet little reading session on the train, I finally felt I got something out of it. A glimmer of understanding shone through as the dark clouds sailed past the window. I’m not braindead quite yet!

4 – I feel pleasantly sleepy and think I’ll go to bed. Sleep is a wonderful thing. :)

G’ night!


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