Too old

Work! Work! I couldn’t go to work!
I’m much too old to fit your stupid rules.

Too old to dance all night as well. Heck, I’m too old to sleep all night.

I’m looking for work and read job ads daily. And what do you know – suddenly there’s a flood of short-term arts jobs available! Too good to be true? Why, yes it is, yes indeed, how did you guess…

Apparently there’s state money going round with the purpose of getting us useless arts-educated types employed for a few months, and all the institutions big and small are going crazy with it. Oh, but to be eligible you have to limbo your way under the age limit of X years, i.e., you must be “a young person”. In fact almost two years younger than I am. Two fucking whole years.

Ancient, we are. No use employing us. Couldn’t possibly be of any use. – Not employed by now? Shame on you. Now you never will be. [insert hollow laughter here]

You better watch out because I’m gonna say fuck.

Angry, who, me?


Howl at the moon

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