The Moonlit Kitchen Goes East

This summer I’ve been mostly cooking…not. I’ve eaten a ton of shop-bought hummus and plenty of salads and fruit and rice crackers. My kitchen is not somewhere you want to spend time in the summer anyway, let alone when the temperature outside hits 30 C. It’s getting better, though, now that the worst is behind (fingers crossed) – enough for me to take the time to make – yet another salad. And the best ice tea in the world.

I’m not quite friends with kale yet – we’ve only known each other for about a year now (did they even sell curly kale in Finnish shops before that?), and it’s seems a bit expensive and too tough to chew. I had moderate success mincing some into veggie burgers last year, and I’ve made kale chips, which were good, although I didn’t have the patience to let them dry properly. Today, however, marks my first success with raw kale. The salad is based on this recipe at the very excellent Diet, Dessert and Dogs (oh how I wish I could afford almond butter…but tahini and sesame oil were ok, too):

Raw kale salad

Raw kale with rice noodles & vegetables

To go with the salad, the only kind of ice tea I actually like: genmaicha, cooled, mixed with sparkling water – roughly half and half. No sugar/honey/syrup – I hate sweet tea. No lemon etc., although a little lime might work. Just tea that’s good enough and interesting enough to stand on its own even when cold (and it does have to be properly cold), helped along with some sprightly bubbles. Very refreshing.


Genmaicha, from Paris (no, I haven't been)


2 Responses to The Moonlit Kitchen Goes East

  1. Ricki says:

    So glad you liked the salad–thanks for giving it a try! It really is delicious with almond butter. Did you know it’s pretty easy (and more economical) to make your own? If you have a food processor, it only takes 5-10 minutes–just whir the nuts until they form a ball, keep going until the mixture smooths out and becomes butter–that’s it! :)

    • moonwriting says:

      One of these years I’ll have a kitchen and a budget big enough for a good food processor, I hope… :) But thanks for the tip, I will pester a friend of mine with both to make me some almond goodness for my birthday.

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