Monday 2010

January is very much the Monday of the year. Fresh from a weekend of holidays you stumble onto the terrifying reality of early(-ish) mornings, work, continuing darkness, overcast days and day after day of the same. It seems like January might never end. (It will, of course, we’re already half way through, but knowing that doesn’t actually help.) Holiday weight-gain? Humbug. It is January, with the magazine stands screaming Diet! Detox! New You!, that is the perfect time to have trouble restarting you exercise regime after the inevitable lapse and illness over the holidays, to keep eating a little (or much) too much – all those left-overs and oh it’s so cold outside, surely I need the energy – and generally to feel like a failure when the first day of the new year didn’t solve all one’s problems as if by magic.

The first book you start reading in the new year fails to sweep you away from the drudgery. The hat you start knitting can’t seem to settle on a sensible size and has to be restarted over and over again. The vegetables in the fridge go mushy because the time never seems quite right for cooking with them – I mean, you can always just eat nuts, right?

That’s me. On the Monday of 2010. And let me tell you, I’m very, very ready for Tuesday to arrive. Or February, or sunshine, whichever comes first.

To put a little sunshine in your life


Howl at the moon

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