Home Alone

Xmas tree

Happy Christmas!

This Christmas Eve day I’ve mostly cooked, baked, then cooked some more. There was so much licking of bowls that I wasn’t even very hungry when I finally got to my Christmas meal.


Lunch: quinoa with cherry tomatoes, olives & greens.u

I woke up really early and therefore needed a proper lunch in order to survive until dinner. This quinoa thing is quick and easy but the tomatoes would have been better with a bit of sweetening.

Xmas meal

Christmas Eve dinner

All vegan & gluten free: roasted brussels sprouts, raw(ish) “rosolli”, apple chutney, a slice of veggie loaf, swede casserole. All good, although the loaf was a bit bland. Mustard and chutney helped.

muffin & biscuit

No points for visual appearance.

I also made a chocolate variant of the pear polenta muffins I’ve made many a time before (can’t be bothered to find the link) and they are brilliant, much softer than before. Could be because I used sugar this time – I’ve been making these sugarfree. Also a slightly Xmas flavoured biscuit with coconut – edible but not my best effort.

That basically took me all day. That and a long walk. I think I’ll put my feet up now. Enjoy the holidays!


Howl at the moon

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