A partridge in a pear tree

I know it’s not Christmas yet, but it wasn’t wrapped…so I know what I got from a gift-giver who shall remain nameless: six jars of honey with various flavourings. Six. Jars. Of honey. Suddenly the wrong but exchangeable books of yesteryear seem rather brilliantly useful as presents.

I don’t really eat honey. Not that I’m that strictly vegan, just trying to cut down on sugary treats. I’ll have to give away a jar, or two or three. Perhaps bake some kind of honey cake or biscuits with the rest? Good recipes, anyone?

I got myself a Christmas tree today; pictures later once I remember to take them.

Nearly there. One more day of running around like crazy and then a few days of (and here comes my plan for this Christmas):

  • cooking & baking a few of the hundreds of recipes I have bookmarked
  • watching Creature Comforts on DVD
  • reading a bit
  • cross-country skiing in the backyard
  • playing the violin
  • knitting (my wool and cold allergic hands allowing)
  • trying not to think about the work-y stuff and the future angst-y stuff.

Pas mal, non? No illness this year, please.


Howl at the moon

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