NaBloPoMo 2009: a summary #30

I made it! Barely, considering the quality of some of the posts, but nonetheless, I’ve posted every day this month. Some food blogging, some soul-searching, many filler posts. More photos than before. Some new readers, methinks, who come and go (and mostly go). None of the social aspect of logging on to headquarters – I simply had no time. Writing muscles all warmed up, though, and that’s the main thing.

Some of the writing I really enjoyed, and that was invariably any and all posts I had time to actually think about. Writing takes time. There’s coming up with the idea, which doesn’t have to take any time at all but which can take up all day; there’s prep work (do I need sources/photos/quotations and where do I find them); there’s planning ahead as to when I’ll have time to write (definitely a problem when posting daily while keeping an otherwise irregular schedule). Still, I enjoy it. Just not while panicking about other deadlines, which pretty much sums up the past week or so. Moonwriting will thus return to its previous irregular updating patterns, but hopefully I’ll remember to post more often whenever I do have the time and the inclination. At the very least I need to finish my flow series, if for no other reason than taking notes.

Next year, new NaBloPoMo. Or perhaps NaNoWriMo..? ;) (No, not very likely…)


2 Responses to NaBloPoMo 2009: a summary #30

  1. Tuomas says:

    Well, congrats! I could never post every day, at least if I tried to post the lengthy stuff that I usually do. It was nice to see some photos here as well, photos are always good.

    • moonwriting says:

      Cheers! I couldn’t do the long stuff every day either, but then I like short posts anyway – also when reading. So many blogs, so little time… Photos are time-consuming as well, but nice, yes.

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