Open sesame #26

There’s a jar I’ve been struggling with. Couldn’t open it, even though I had done so before. Hot water, knife under the edge of the lid, nothing was working. That’s until, today, I bought a “universal opener”, as it calls itself:


A universal opener in action.

It’s a Westmark and, though clumsy to use, it does the job if you need a jar or a bottle opened, even if you’re weak and a girl, like me. Lid dented, the jar gave up, and my mother’s dried mushrooms will be eaten, finally.

But what are these “universal” opening powers? Could this be the tool to end all tools, the key to happiness – the opener of all things stuck in my life, as well as in my kitchen? I sure could use one. In the next episode: universal opener meets a bundle of sadness. Expect blood, sweat and tears as these two battle it out for victory.

(Sorry, I’m tired and my brain is approaching meltdown; it’s been a weird day. Better luck tomorrow.)


Howl at the moon

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