A beach holiday #21

Okay, this morning I saw a man climb down off a first floor balcony in the building across the street, using a bench he’d apparently put there himself to shorten the drop; he then moved the bench back to where it belongs and sat on it for quite some time. Testing whether his flat could easily be broken into via the balcony? A parkour enthusiast? Or, as I’m inclined to think, someone who, like me, has always found the idea of using the balcony as a second entrance to one’s  flat quite exciting (not that I’ve ever done it, not even when I lived in a flat with a ground level balcony)…

Yes, I’m back from a lovely holiday. There was a beach.

The beach

The beach.

And I did go swimming (in a pool). And it wasn’t raining (all the time). And it was actually quite lovely, but all too briefly, and now it’s back to work work work. (Not that I didn’t work while “on holiday” – no less than four work-related articles read. I’m that good.)

Enough dear diary, though. The main thing I learnt (again) while I was away: I sleep better if I don’t see nor hear and certainly not touch a computer. Don’t get me wrong, I like computers, I wouldn’t want to live without them – except that I would, sort of, if it weren’t so…inconvenient. But at least I can (again) try and cut down the time I spend interacting with the things. We’ll see how that goes. Tips gratefully received.


Howl at the moon

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