I wear small/medium #10

Now I’m ready to tell you what’s wrong with me
I’m feeling the emptiness rise
And I’d trade the whole thing quite gladly
For something of similar size

Badly Drawn Boy, Tickets to What You Need
(from the album Have You Fed the Fish? which really is very good)

This November is starting to get to me. I want to go and hibernate very, very badly. Desperate times call for desperate measures. A list of happy things. May be updated throughout the day – depends on how happy the day turns out to be.

Feeling groovy (see – or hear – below) today because of:

  • the sweet, sweet pear in my morning porridge
  • my new-ish white, light umbrella
  • the kind gentleman who ran after me this morning when my umbrella cover fell from my pocket unnoticed by my Badly-Drawn-Boy-listening self
  • lots and lots of tea (herbal, and green with vanilla)
  • someone just told me that people have been satisfied with my work [on which note I’d better get to work; back later, perhaps]


No, nothing to add. I’m surviving, but the darkness has too strong a hold on me. It gives things a negative spin – really trivial things such as a comment I (thought I) left at someone’s blog not being there (anymore? it’s a nice vegan blog, though, I recommend it), and all the shops having an empty shelf where the jar opening aids should be (I have a very, very stubborn jar at home an I’ve already tried all the usual tricks). Blah. Luckily, a dance class awaits. That should help. Back tomorrow!


Howl at the moon

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